Wednesday, 12 October 2016

We’re currently Hiring Education Counsellors for Study Abroad students

OSS Australia is an Australian-based organisation consultancy with registered education counsellors who provide friendly and transparent advice for students to study, work and stay in Australia. Are you considering transitioning from your home to your new life here Australia?

Education Counselor

Study | Stay | Work in Australia

Before jumping onto the plane, there are a few things that a student needs to prepare before studying abroad in Australia:

-You will need a relevant Student Visa if you are planning to study for longer than three months.

-Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) as a requirement by the Department of Immigration.

-Decide and finalize where in Australia you would like to study.

-Look into accommodation such as share housing, home stay or student accommodation during your studies.

-Learn about the specific courses and degrees that you are planning to apply for in Australia.

-If you are planning to continue studying as a post-graduate, be able to have ready all admission paperwork for the universities you will apply for. 

Now, that’s a lot to think about!

If you are confused with any of the key points on the list above, then you have definitely come to the right platform. Students can depend on OSS Australia’s Education Counsellors to help you to tick off every important point on the list. 

Australia is known for having one of the best education systems in the world and is divided into different levels, including Primary, Secondary /High school, College and university. Parents may want to send their students abroad for a better education, but recently many students wish to study abroad for cultural experiences and work opportunities. OSS Australia provides the best courses for study abroad students to gain skills within the hospitality industry through Cookery, Yoga, English courses and Community care with hygiene practices.

Our OSS Student Education Counsellors can guide you in the suitable direction to reach your goals and dreams. We also provide information and knowledge about Australian school admissions or accommodation which can help you study and stay in Australia without any unnecessary stress. OSS Australia offers convenience and care to students when recommending Share housing and Home stay in the nearby Central Business District.

OSS Australia consultants also provide students with job advice, application and resume advice. 

You can contact OSS Australia via the website, email and inquiry form. Let us help you towards a bright future. 

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